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Notes from Facebook f8 Developer Conference: The Open Graph

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Incredible show yesterday at the San Francisco Design Concourse! It brought me back to the first f8 3 years ago, which inspired Faceforce :). Major theme of the day was “the open graph” across the entire Internet that brings structure and semantics to the people we’re friends with and objects we’re connected to.

Four major announcements by Mark Zuckerberg & co:

1. Open graph - external web page owners can add a “like” button. That is, users can “like” anything on the Internet, not just Facebook Pages. The web pages a user “likes” can be marked up with semantic tags (say, a movie) which shows up on the user’s profile (in this case, under “favorite movies).”

Note: This is going to be HUGE for the semantic web (see my post on this from last September).

2. Social plugins - there are now different add-ons for external web pages which require only one line of html. Eg, display which of a user’s friends has already “liked” the web page being viewed or signed into the site using Facebook Connect, display Facebook menu bar at bottom of your web page which includes chat/notifications/etc.

3. Graph API - simplified, more features, including:

- OAuth2 implemented!
- Platform notifications when user updates profile, adds friends, etc. instead of having to keep polling and diff’ing.
- Grossly simplified access to JSON representations via /usernames/friends etc
- All public status msgs searchable

4. Policy changes. No longer a 24 hour limit on storing FB Connect user data!
Single unified user permissions screen instead of showing separate screen/dialogue box per permission needed.

Watch live streaming video from f8conference at

Very high-energy event. These announcements are very, very good news for brands and developers. It is VERY exciting for the future of the web! And of course great to see Facebook respond to our feedback with their actions without compromising the user experience.

Mike Vernal talking about the new Open Graph API

Platform engineer Mike Vernal talking about the new Open Graph API