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Promotion Marketing Association Digital Summit - New York, New York 12.3.09

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

PMA Digital Summit 2009

I was in New York again last week keynoting the PMA Digital Summit (#pmadig09), held at Google NY headquarters. I was surprised that among the crowd of savvy New York-based marketers, my usual poll of who is on Facebook and Twitter revealed that fewer than 10% of audience members were on Twitter (everyone was on Facebook, obviously). Not what I would have expected from that group.

Opening remarks from conference chairs Elizabeth Apelles (President of Greater Than One, a digital agency) and Tim Reis (Head of CPG East at Google) kicked off the day with some interesting facts and stats - 64% of US households have broadband, US internet users spend on average 15 hours per week online, 2.67 billion searches conducted each day (my personal note: interesting to contrast that with the 8 billion minutes a day spent on Facebook across its 350M active users). Tim talked about the evolution of the web from information and communication from inception until the late 90s, commerce in early 2000s, and more recently community, self expression, and entertainment in the last few years. US e-commerce sales in 2008 totaled $131 billion which sounds like a large number but was still just 6% of all sales.

It was a good set-up for my keynote, which focused on Facebook as a new identity, communication, and marketing platform that is hypertargeted, opt-in, and social. My slides below, in case you are interested. Please let me know your thoughts!

Up next,  Ben Smith (@bensmith32) AKA “Bagel Ben” gave an excellent brand presentation about how Dunkin’ Donuts is engaging its fans through contests and promotions. For example, Ben came up with a cool “Fan of the Week” promo where fans are encouraged to submit photos of themselves with the Dunkin’ Donuts brand and each week, the winning photo gets featured on the Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook Page. His advice to brands? “Don’t outsource Twittering and Facebooking to your agency. It comes off as unauthentic, and you miss out on a key opportunity to connect with customers.”

Sean Hanrahan of ESPN gave a great presentation on mobile, showcasing some of ESPN’s new mobile apps for smartphones. The engagement numbers he shared were astounding. Sports broadcasting is definitely a different beast. Some other interesting points - though the ESPN audience heavily skews male, it is otherwise very diverse and single-handedly one of the most popular applications for Hispanic men.

One of my favorites of the day was a highly entertaining session by Seth Kaufman of @pepsi, who characterized  it best:
“With social media, the deers have guns. Those that we hunt are controlling the conversation.” He talked about how we have gone from brands defining meaning for customers to the reverse. The four social media goals he has established at Pepsi are to 1) increase effectiveness via deeper connections and customer engagement, 2) increase efficiency via targeting, 3) innovate across media platforms, and 3) measure, scorecard, improve. I appreciated that he is one of the only people I have ever heard who wove traditional media into the social media conversation that makes total sense.

Overall, a great show with a great line-up!